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    Sep 10, 2012
    About a month and a half ago I had a black giant get ill. Off balance on her feet, slowed feed and tons of water type diarrhea. I thought everything in the book since I am fairly new to chickens. They are all over a year old and I have 19 laying hens: 3 jersey and 16 black sex-link and 1 roo 6 chicks hatched by a broody jersey too. Then I had another hen get ill with what looks like wet pox and in the last 4 days have had another jersey and black sex-link ill standing with fluffed feather huddled together with fairly empty crops at night. I treated with sulmet and they seemed better for a day or two, but not recovered. Have finished sulmet today. Also the 2 I separated from the flock have not died and have been ill for a LONG time. Dramatic drop in egg production from 16 eggs a day to less than 5 most days, but some are also molting. Then today I finally see it on one of the jersey's a red mite. So I am guessing that is what is making them ill, but also why they are not dying either. I need to know how to treat this we live in TN fairly warm with a few months of cold. Their coop is in the back of our barn in a shed. It has dirt floors and wood walls on three sides. How in the heck do I clean dirt? Do i spray the walls of the barn the nesting boxes the roost and with what? Trying to keep cost low, I am gonna use ivermectin pour on to treat mites on the birds will that be enough?
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    The first thing I do when an adult chicken that seems weak, fluffed up and off to its self a lot... is worm them.... The mites and worms you can treat with the Ivomectrian. The mites in the coop you can by Adams flea and tick mist spray, and spray the coop in all the cracks, corners etc.... Then you can take seven dust and dust the floor , nest boxes, etc...

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