I finally put them all together.

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    Jun 18, 2011
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    2 weeks ago I built a temporary wall in the coop to keep my 7 chicks and my 1 new Rooster separated. It went amazingly well. Henry (the rooster) slept right next to the chicken wire and all the chicks huddled against him on the other side. He spent most of his days sitting right outside their door just looking at them. Last weekend I went white water rafting so I left the chicks in the care of my in-laws for 3 days. When we got home, 2 of the chicks had escaped into Henry's area and he didn't seem to mind a bit. So Tuesday I raised their door enough to let the chicks in and out of Henry's area, but not enough to let Henry in the chicks area. I sat there watching them for most of the day and besides a few harmless pecks, they all did great.

    Plus the chicks love being outside in the grass!

    So today, I tore down the divider and added more roosts. Earbud got so excited she ran around the whole coop 3 times and then jumped up on the highest roost! It's such a joy to see them all getting along so well!
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    Mar 22, 2011
    Wow thats one big rooster or really tiny chicks [​IMG]

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