I find this odd. You?

Ha! I liked the line about it coming in different colors - but "nothing too shocking."
I can't imagine that this could actually work. And if it did, one would think it would be worth a LOT more money.
From my understanding they don't. I know a couple people on here were going to test similar theories, so you might do a search for those threads and see all the weird ways people say the can sex eggs.
I would have better luck sexing a ceramic egg.

I was just checking out the listing again and noticed they have sold 21 of them. We have a term here for those people here. I will be nice though and keep my pie hole shut.
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It works fantastic...for the person selling it.There are always fools ready to part with money and he's going to cash in on a bunch.

While they are at it they should market the magic 8 ball chicken sexer..... I suspect it is just as effective. Once you're done sexing your eggs you can tackle the other difficult questions in your life with certain certainty!
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