i for one am not against mcmurry hatchery


12 Years
Sep 5, 2007
i do not blame mcmurrys hatchery for the sick chicks,,,
i believe they should be made aware , so they can then follow up with it,,,
if no one says anything then they would not be aware...
i will continue to order from them,,,
i hope as you folks get your results back you will post here and on another site so i and others will know the outcome,,,thanks


12 Years
Oct 29, 2007
I spoke to "them" this morning. My order was botched; too many of one breed, chicks missing from the order, etc etc.. The lady I spoke to (forgot her name) was very helpful and polite. She corrected the billing for my order crediting me for what was missing, gave me the 4 leggerns I didn't order for free, refunded the vaccines for the chicks I didn't get and the ones that died (4). She asked if I wanted the missing chicks shipped and I elected to wait for now until what's going on can be figured out and corrected. The lady on the phone told me if I had any problems with the chicks to make sure to call them back. Again, she was very helpful and polite, didn't give me any grief at all.

From my experience with them, they want to know what's going on just as much as we do and want to fix it.

Please remember when you call to be nice to them, what ever is going on was not intentional and certainly not the fault of the person answering the phone.

Based on customer service, I'd order from them again. I hope there's an answer to what is going on soon.

BTW - My chicks (arrived 3/17) so far look good. Eating, pooing, drinking, chirping, etc.. I think the 3 of the 4 (1 DOA, looks like yolk wasn't pulled in to abdomen all the way) I lost were because of lack of experience on my part.


12 Years
Mar 28, 2007
if you got sick chicks from them.you need to call an tell them that your having problems with the chicks.ive delt with them on some stuff.an they are very friendly an helpful.an they always took care of any problem i had.

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