I found a worm in one of my eggs?

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    Jan 31, 2013
    I found a worm in one of my eggs, so I have started feeding my chickens ACV and DE but then I found out that the worm doesn't get in the mouth it goes up the chickens butt and some how gets in the egg before it has a shell on it (just what I was reading) so ACV and DE won't work because I am feeding it to them, it might make there be less but they won't get rid of the problem.

    But would sprinkling DE on the ground make the problem go away? Or do I need to use a drug?

    I really want this problem to get fixed because I am selling the eggs and want my customers to be happy!
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    Apr 19, 2012
    I just de-wormed my chickens. One of the more susceptible hens started wasting so I tried worming them and lo, she reacted very well and is doing fine now - putting on weight and everything. HOWEVER, I never saw a worm, not in their eggs or in their poo. But her response to treatment was so dramatic that I am convinced.

    So what I did: Day one, dose of Wazine 17 in their drinking water (you have to throw away the eggs for two weeks). Day 10, dose of pour-on Ivermectin. Day 14, you're all done, eggs are safe to eat. That should do it. I have a DE dust bath in their coop which should help but I'm fairly new to this too. I did a lot of digging and reading beforehand though.

    I also de-wormed all the animals that share the barn with them to prevent a quick recurrence.

    Hope that helps!

    ETA: Oh and, you'd be right about the worm entering from "behind". They live in the digestive system so that an adult worm would probably have taken a wrong turn in the cloaca, I'd imagine, instead of exiting through the vent like they normally would.
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