I found out the value of clicker training my chickens this past month

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    For all of you who are still chasing down your chickens to round them up to put them in the coop each night or going through the frustration of trying to collect a chicken to treat them for something, I'd like to point out the value and ease of clicker training. It's so easy and simple, a four-year old could do it.

    The reason why I'm so grateful I took the time, which is minimal, to clicker train my chickens is that I've had the dubious distinction of coming down with two different strains of flu inside of thirty days. That's twice this past month that I could barely drag myself outside to see to my chickens.

    I let them free range for a number of reasons, one being that the bears are still not out from hibernation so the chickens are still reasonably safe being out from behind a hot wire. The sun was going down, and I wanted to be sure they all got in, so I dragged myself out of bed, grabbed the clicker, clicked the thing, and all twenty-two chickens were at my feet inside of five seconds. Like the pied piper, they then followed me right into the run. It's a sight to behold, especially if you're so sick you wish you were dead.

    How do you clicker train chickens? First buy a clicker. I got mine for a buck at PetSmart. The rest is so simple, no kidding, your four-year old could train them. First click the clicker and then throw some scratch grain at them or their favorite treat. That's it. You can also easily train baby chicks in the brooder this way.

    Do this every time you offer scratch grain or whatever their favorite treat is. Every time. Keep this up for a few weeks to be absolutely certain your chickens are brainwashed, I mean, trained. You won't regret it.
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    I have clicker trained my chickens since the day I started my backyard flock and it's so easy. I have alot alot of woods behind my house and my neighbor has tons of ponds that have poisonous snaked so when I can't see a chicken I click and they come a running. I highly recommend it to everyone..:jumpy
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