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Jan 11, 2010
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so this is my second round of ducklings now. i keep trying to get my "friends" to come over and see my babies. who wouldn't want to see ducklings?! i tell them hurry cuz they will be full grown in like a month. like every week i send reminders and they say okay. well one came over today. another was supposed to come. we were going to make chocolate covered strawberries and drink some wine too. i was totally excited. the one never showed. i text and asked if she was still coming. i left my phone downstairs and went to go get it. when i checked i had 3 messages. one from the friend that was here it said hurry, i'm bored and it's stinky. i feel like crying. she sat there and told me about the plans she was making with our friend who was supposed to come and didn't invite me at all. the other friend never showed. i feel like texting them and telling the one, sorry you were bored and it was stinky, you might wana sent it to the right person next time, and send the other one and say thanks for coming. i won't but i feel like crying. why me? why am i always let down by everyone??



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My dear you have to realize that not everyone is as nuts for theirs birds as us folks. And yeah, you may want to tell her to send it to the right person next time. How rude!


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May 26, 2009
I would love to see your ducklings! Can you post pics?

One thing I've learned with raising poultry- Not everyone is as into it me. I feel sorry for those people. I really do! There's not much in this world that can make you smile just by being alive. Chicks, chickens, ducks and ducklings- soooo stinkin' cute and sweet and loveable!! I bet yours are super cute!

Its hard when people dont get it or dont share your passion, but it happens sometimes. Not everyone is into animals (can you belive it? yeah, me neither!) I gave up trying to convert friends and family-now I just wait till someone mentions an interest in my hobby, and then I show them everything they could ever want to know!!

I hope you feel better soon, and congrats on your duckies!!


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Oh, I certainly know this sad feeling! It's tough when friends are unreliable and don't always enjoy the same things as you. I agree, though, sometimes we just have to accept that not everyone is as crazy for poultry (or animals) as we are, as hard as that can be. We're lucky to have this fun and exciting hobby, but it can be a little difficult for outsiders to understand the appeal of these great birds. It's unfortunate your friend couldn't find enjoyment in your ducklings, and it's very rude that she texted that message to her friend, and even worse she made a mistake and sent it to you! I personally don't understand how anyone could dislike ducklings, even being as messy as they are, but to each their own I suppose.

Being someone who currently has a big duckling in my room of all places, I can certainly say I would appreciate seeing your babies! You should post some pictures!


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Jan 11, 2010
the ducky room
exactly how I feel. People could at least be straight up about it....

people suck. That's why animals are better

as i sit here in tears i agree with you 100%

i have pics of them in the duck thread.. i will post the links here.


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Jan 11, 2010
That makes me so mad...I have been chatting with you over the internet for what??...Um... 6 - 7 months now. I would love to come to your place- hang out with you and your mum...Give your dad a bit of a hard time- and go sit with Duckie and Quackers outside- And go Cuddle with the babies too. I am used to duckie smell.. And I actually like it!!

I agree...post some pics here...

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