I got $ 15 for 2 dozen eggs!!!

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    Dec 5, 2008
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    WOW!! This is so great!

    A person contacted our local Yahoo group for Chicken folk after an article in our local newspaper about suburban chickens. He was interested in buying FRESH eggs. I waited a couple of days to respond, since I live a couple of towns away from him. Apparently I was the only one to respond! I told him that he could get Organic Brown eggs for $ 4.60 in a local store (or sometimes less on sale and other stores had them for less everyday !). I told him that I would sell him eggs at $ 5.00 a dozen since mine are clearly fresher and better in every way (although not organic)!!!

    He told me that he would take two dozen! I agreed to meet him at a location that was halfway between our homes. When I gave him the eggs (all less than 2 days old!), he handed me $ 15. I told him "no, I said the eggs were $5 a dozen". (I was thinking that $5 was ALREADY a lot!!! -- my local Safeway is giving away a dozen commercial white eggs for $ 0.98 this week!!!). He said "just spend it on the girls!". So I took it!!!

    He texted me about 45 minutes later and said: OMG!!! Just had my first egg and it was everything you said it would be! DELICIOUS!!!! Thanks again [​IMG]

    So it looks like I may have a regular customer that will help me pay for the feed for my nine chickens!!!

    LESSON LEARNED: Publicity helps!!! Our local newspaper did an article and solicitated comments from our Yahoo Group. Our Group should probably do more articles and send them out!! GET THE MESSAGE OUT THERE!!! The more ordinary people TASTE fresh eggs, the more they will want them!!! And the more supportive they will be of "Chicken Laws" in suburban and urban areas!!! Get the word out!!!
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    Woot!! That is wonderful to hear - good on you!

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    Mar 2, 2009
    Sounds like it was a win win for both of you!
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    Thanks Tacey!

    I love your motto! Ever since I got chickens (8months ago), I have received bowl, platters, dish towels and water pitchers with chicken motifs!!! Of course they are all in tones of red and my kitchen is blue and white!!!
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    Good job neighbor! When I was working down in Redwood City I could sell them for about $5 - $6 a dozen to my silicone valley coworkers.

    Keep up the good work.
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    Quote:Thanks Rob!

    I REALLY think that the publicity is the KEY!!! Maybe we should have a place to post articles that are published about our chicken adventures!! It could be a resource for people who are trying to change laws in their areas!!!

    (ps the actual transaction took place in San Carlos!!!)
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    $5 a dozen wouldn't be out of line here in Seattle. Even in the local "Cheap" store they're $4-$5 for "organic" eggs. Good job
    #1 cal chick.

    Imp- but $7.50, that's a new benchmark
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    Wow, that's fantastic!
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    don't count on the 15 every time - but nice job.

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