I got a pair of Silver Spangled Hamburgs


8 Years
Feb 17, 2011
Newnan Ga
I traded a bag of organic soy free feed for a breeding pair of Silver Spangled Hamburgs. They're not near a skittish as I expected them to be. I just got them this morning. They are LF.


They are beautiful

My daughter keeps saying she wants a "dalmation chicken" so I've tried hatching appenzellers and then hamburgs with no luck. Got some gold spangled appenzellers in the incubator just now(got the eggs for £1 from the auction- couldn't resist!). Going to have to keep trying til I get some Silver Spangled Hamburgs that hatch, they are really nice. Saw a trio at the auction when I bought the eggs, they were going for quite alot of money though so have to keep on with trying to hatch them!

How old are yours?
I think they are a year old. I feel fortunate to be trusted with such a rare breed. I will be hatching everything I can once a hen goes broody.
Nice! I got three SSH hens two weeks ago Sunday, and they're as tame as milk. I was sitting about three feet from them when I took this photo tonight, and they were ignoring the heck out of me, once they decided I wasn't carrying any oatmeal on my person:


I'm hoping to get a rooster soon, but at the moment I'm getting an egg a day from the two elder birds (they're about four and five months old); the youngest sister is just now having her comb grow in nicely.
Here is the egg! She started laying yesterday (her second day here. Good girl!) I didn't get a chance to photo the first egg but here's the second!


And between two EE eggs.


Her egg is as long as the eggs from my big girls, but it is much slimmer. Not near the circumference of the green egg.

Stumpfarmer, your ladies are lovely!
Thanks; I'm getting just over six eggs apiece a week from the two eldest, just at the weight for USDA Medium (50 grams, if memory serves). The youngest hen is just now developing a comb. The middle hen wants to lay her egg outside their 25 X 4 foot run, and I may just give up and expand that end of the run, as she's figured out how to make holes in the yard wire and I'll have to double up on the security anyway. She lays her egg and then calmly waits for me to open the gate and walks past me into the pen: NOT flighty, just... individualistic.
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