I GOT AN EGG FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8 Years
Feb 16, 2011
New Jersey
I FINALLY GOT AN EGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have been waiting 7 months for my chickens to lay!!!!!! i have four hens... i know who did it!

THis is the egg:

The egg compared to a store bought large egg

In the cartoon

i was cleaning out the coop and i was going through everything just to make sure and i scooped out litter and bam! i ran inside screaming I HAVE AN EGG!! the whole neighbor hood probably heard me

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Oh I so know that feeling....Like you have accomplished the most amazing feat! Congrats!
Congrats on the first egg. I know when we got our first egg it was the most amazing feeling in the world. One started and then two more started laying eggs. We await the fourth to start soon. Its amazing to see them give such lovely eggs. We have one carton filled and one being filled as we speak. So its a great feeling. Hope it all goes well for the little hens for ya.
Thank you! I think that it was a 1 time thing because i cleaned out the coop and only found one and it was buried under a bunch of stuff..... but it was still amazing!!!!!!!

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