I got dooped, but by whom???? Give me your best guess..

Pharm Girl

9 Years
Jan 6, 2011
I have three new pullets this year which were supposed to lay blue, green, and white eggs respectively. Today I found a tiny green AND a tiny brown egg in the nest. Brown egg????? I wasn't supposed to have a BROWN egg..! Pics are a few weeks old, but..

It's a good old fashioned who-done-it.
The suspects.....

Suspect #1: All white Nellie is half white leghorn, half lavender ameracauna. Mother is the ameracauna I believe. She has slate legs.

Suspect #2: Olive is a feed store EE with green legs and pretty white/buff feathers and has been the first to squat. I'm sure one of the two came from her.

Suspect #3: was supposed to be a 'speckled sussex', said the feed store. Dooped again. Looks like a brown leghorn to me. Maybe she's an unspeckled sussex which would account for the brown egg, but if she's a leghorn, she should lay white.

Please give me your best guess as to who-done-it!
*Sorry about the old pictures, they were about 16 weeks when these were taken*
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Your last girl is most likely the source of the brown egg. She looks like a RIR-X. The photos aren't recent, right? If they are, I'd say none of these girls laid any of your eggs and you have a few mystery chickens sneaking and laying in your coop!
I think your brown pullet is laying brown eggs. She is not a speckled sussex with those yellow legs (should be white) and tiny comb (is it a pea comb?) She could be some kind of buckeye cross, but maybe you should ask where you got her from?
OK, maybe a more current picture is in order.....Here she is today. She's gorgeous whatever she is. The feed store has no idea why she's not a SS, but clearly, she's not! The egg was a very light brown, like the kind my BO lay. Also funny is the fact that she's the only one left NOT doing the sQuAt...


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That's a possibility, also.

I was thinking the same about your reply.

But after looking at the newer pics........I am going to stick with welsummer. Here is a link to feathersite with the Welsummers: http://www.feathersite.com/Poultry/CGP/Wels/BRKWelsummers.html

and here is the Rocks: http://www.feathersite.com/Poultry/CGP/Rocks/BRKRocks.html You might have to scroll down or up, but for a hatchery bird, I think she looks most like a Welsummer. But I sure am no expert (do not even have wellies in my flock, and my lone rock is a hatchery barred)

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