I got Fired!!!! Now what!?

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    May 25, 2009
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    Well, I'm back after being gone from here for about a month. I gave up my unemployment to take a temp to hire job as an extrusion operator. (I've been an ext. op for 12 yrs) This company I was working for is VERY stressed for workers. Some folks were having to work 84 hrs a week mandatory. I was brought in as an operator, but because they were so short staffed I was working the job of a line worker. No problem I said! Glad to help out.... Yesterday I was working on a line that produced a 16ft long plastic board... I was running the part through this notch machine and had my head down watching what I was doing, as I look up I see the board that was just cut from the saw jam up on a piece of their equipment. It formed an arch and it snapped towards me as I was looking up, striking me in my left breast. Sure it hurt, but it wasn't anything major. So I continued to work, later the supervisor asked me about it. I told him what happened and said no big deal, I'm fine. This morning I get a phone call from the temp agency informing me that I was fired because I "violated their safety policy" I did not report my "injury"! I can't believe it! They have a safety policy that states that everything should be reported. It would not matter if it was a paper cut! [​IMG] I love it! I show up everyday, work all the over time they asked, did a good job, jumped in and helped them out, and They fire me for that! Seems dirty to me! Now I've lost my unemployment, and we have no income! The temp service has "nothing availble" at this time! [​IMG] Well, I've worked like a dog my entire life, NEVER needing help of any kind..... Might have to do it now. Hopefully something good will happen before I have to get help from the state.....
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    Sorry, that's really sucky. Sounds like the super was aware.

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    Sounds like they were going out of their way to find a reason to fire you.
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    Wow that stinks. Don't mind me I am jaded. Since ISO9001 and the other bla bla's got popular 15 years ago, people stopped thinking and acting with common sense....[​IMG]
    Its all about those fat sue happy lawyers...

    I hope you find something soon.
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    May 25, 2009
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    no, they wern't going outta their way to fire me. Its there "saftey policy" I've seen other folks that were awesome workers... showed up daily and worked their butts off only to get fired over a simple injury like a little cut, only because they didn't think to report it. Besides, I was a temp, they could get rid of me for no reason at all, and the safety policy crap was the reason I was given.
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    Quote:Are you a believer? I always ask before I spout off.
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    Who fired you? The company or the temp agency?
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    May 18, 2009
    I'm so sorry. It has been so hard for everyone this year. Hopefully you will get something else soon, and it will be permanent.
  10. SillyChicken

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    Jan 12, 2010
    It's not the sue happy lawyers... it's greedy lazy people looking for a fast buck.. a way to get back at the machine that gave them a paycheck... the lawyers are only too eager to help. OMG! did I just defend lawyers! LOL!

    Sorry about the job loss, the company was just covering its behind. If you're a temp (and I was one once too) you gotta follow the rules because you'll be held much more accountable than their regular employees will be. Safety is one area where a company can be ruined by... say if OSHA came in as a result of an injury, even if it's the employees fault... they can get some hefty fines... 100ks a day until a situation is resolved... I work in facility management so I have to deal with safety issues alot!

    So anything safety related, they'll be uber sensitive about!

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