I got it to work!!


11 Years
Sep 3, 2008
east tn
We've had this record player for a really long time and the needle is so dull it won't play a thing, but the turntable works fine, so today I decided I would fix it by all means necessary!

Well I quickly diagnosed there was no helping the poor needle so I took a sheet of printer paper, rolled it into a cone, wrapped that up in newspaper, and just simply put a needle in the end and bent it a little!

this is not very good for the record! the song I'm playing is Piano man by Billy Joel, just cause have 2 (out of a set of 300 I got for 20$!
here 'tis-

Poulets De Cajun

11 Years
Jun 14, 2008
Houston MetroMess, Texas
We have an old Curtis Mathis console that has a transistor radio in it and a record player. Well the needle on the record player was skipping a lot so to fix it, we taped two pennies to the top and now it plays just fine. I love listening to old twangy classic country on it. Nothing like Hank SR blaring through the house on a Saturday morning.

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