I got my 5 red sex links! Suggestions?


8 Years
Feb 14, 2015
so I got my 5 red sexlinks on friday
they are VERY friendly! I was just wondering, at what age will they start looking like actual chickens? When will they get larger and have the classic chicken look? They are 8 weeks old tmro. any suggestions on these bird? Anything I should look out for? Thanks! (I would love some story's and pictures of yours!)oh and they also like to stay in the coop all day
why is that? They come out when I go in the run but that's pretty much it. They also like to come out right before I put them to bed
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Congrats on the new birds! Since you only got them Friday, their desire to stay in is likely tied to the newness of their environment - it can take several days for them to adjust and become comfortable venturing out. When feeling stressed the coop feels like the safest place as it is closed in...when you go out it feels safe to venture out and be with you outside.

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