I got my first egg yesterday!


7 Years
May 28, 2012
I have recently bought some chickens that I thought were only 12 weeks old. I was very surprised to find that my easter egger layed an egg already. I was very tempted to take the egg but I didn't. She won't lay the eggs in the coop but she grew up without a coop. Her previous owner had her free range with no coop. The other chickens follow my easter egger since she is the biggest. What is the best way for me to transition my chickens to the coop life and get them laying in there? How many eggs should I leave in the nest before I start taking? How long can an egg sit in the nest before it is bad?

What you do to get them laying in the nest boxes is, keep them locked in the coop/run until around 5pm, then let them out. They're usually done laying by then.

I never used a fake egg to show them where to lay, they just figured that out themselves, but I'm sure it's a good idea and can't hurt.

I collect my eggs daily. You don't want to leave them laying around too long, in my opinion, because you want them in your fridge, the fresher the better, ya know? Plus, I'm always worried one will get broken accidentally, then I'll end up having chickens that break and eat their eggs. (If they eat an egg, they find it delicious.)
I just got my first dozen today what I did was watched (alot) Because my first layer wanted to lay under chicken coop when it layed again the next day I took the egg put it in the box and put feed in my hand because all mine will it right out of my hand and feed them right there in front of the next box with the egg I start with the one that I thought had loayed it and kinda showed her then I took the egg inside and she has never let me down since she has given me 10 eggs and all put the first was in the box........

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