I got my order from Ideal today and I am so impressed!!

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    I actually called yesterday to verify that the chicks were shipped out in yesterday's mail. I was totally shocked when my phone rang at 8 a.m. to tell me that they were already at the post office in a neighboring town. They arrived overnight!! At least partial credit for this is due to the USPS, but I am so happy that these babies didn't have to travel too long!

    I cracked the box open at the post office because one of the ladies was curious about them due to all the cheeping sounds coming from the box. One little white frizzled Cochin literally jumped out of the box in the lady's face. [​IMG] [​IMG] He was ready to get out of the box!

    I got 10 assorted Silkies and 9 bantam frizzled Cochins. They are all so active and healthy-looking! All are eating and drinking already and doing well. I am so pleased with this order!!

    I had read that the Cochins and Silkies were good as pet chickens, but didn't expect them to be so friendly as chicks. These guys are perfectly content with being held. I think I may have found my favorite breeds! [​IMG]
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