I got the "turkey hook up" !!!


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
I have been busy as a bee! Plus, I am not one who likes "change" even good change easily confuses me :( So I haven't been on BYC in forever....but I do have to share...

I got the "mega turkey hook up" this weekend...a lady WAY down in Santa Fe Texas have 4H/FFA culls that she sold me SUPER fair priced! So I now have 15 BBW turkeys out in the yard that are already 3 weeks old and around 3 - 4 pounds!

IF ANYONE NEAR HUNTSVILLE TX (I actually am in Trinity) wants JUST A FEW for themselves I would be TOTALLY willing to share! They came declawed and debeaked already...so if that bothers you I am sorry, but it was long ago done....BUT...like I said...IF ANYONE wants like 2 or 3 for themselves to raise, you are welcome to a few at the price I got them for...PM me if you are interested...I live about an hour to an hour and a half from most of Houston, but at this price, it's totally awesome because they are already past the baby stage, living outside, no lamps, no froo froo care needed...very awesome!

So...I HAD to share and like I said, if anyone nearby doesn't want to raise like 20 at a time, let me know because I am not adverse at all to sharing a few with fellow BYCers!

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