"I gots to get fixed? What?"

6chickens in St. Charles

10 Years
Mar 25, 2009
St. Charles, IL
"But I didn't know I was broken!"

My youngest son is pretty upset about our bunny's impending surgery. Does anybody out there keep a housepet bunny buck who's NOT NEUTERED?

This guy comes and goes in and out of the house, pees in his litter pan while indoors. While outdoors, sometimes he'll run in circles around the chickens and spray the mean one with urine, he's got pretty good aim (but everyone agrees she deserves it), mostly outside he's just doing this:


And mostly inside he's just doing this:

(Hey look at that, he's flying upside down! How did this photo load upside down? That's pretty funny.)
He's 6 months old.
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My house bunnies have all been fixed, I just picked up a pair of breeding rabits, and that will be an adventure.
I would leave him un-neutered.
He's a nice looking Chin. I would show him and let him be a house pet.
It seems he only sprays outsie and it is more risky to have a rabbit fixed.
My rabbits that I had growing up were never fixed. Smokey (who looked just like yours) was fine, he never sprayed in the the house or humped any one's legs. I even brought him to school for the day a few times for show & tell. The only one we had a problem with was Loppy - he had to become an outside (cage) bunny because everytime someone would come in the house he would run over & hump their legs.
Um, about that.....


Please look up sexing. Out of the ones we still have, I was wrong 3 to 1. I want to make sure you really do have a buck and a doe!!!!

Oh Deb I have the same problem. Then again I'm getting blinder by the day, but I have these tiny little Lionheads and Netherland Dwarfs. Everything is tiny!

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