i had my chicken for a month and a few weeks and no eggs!


10 Years
Jan 31, 2009
i have two chickens and one of them i got on jan 29 2009

and her name is daisy and she knows me and follows me and loves me and knows her name and i love her so much

and she is full grown and is not moulting

when will she lay eggs im sad!

please help
that all depends on how old she is...on average they start laying at about 20 weeks
she is a big brown full grown chicken and is old enough

and she grown her big brown new feathers
Just my opinion, but her comb and wattles still look pretty pink, and her legs look pretty yellow. Have you checked her vent? I'll bet she's still too young, but will lay soon. When her comb gets really red, you'll be getting eggs soon.
that pick is when i first got her she has more feathers now and has only white feathers on her tail

and she has a dark red comb

and she is more bigger and more full feathers
She looks pretty young to me, too. They get their "big girl feathers" long before they are old enough to lay. Give her time and I bet she will give you lots of eggs. She is a cutie!!!
The hole the eggs come out of. If she's ready to lay, she'll have a soft looking, light colored vent, most likely. If it's dark pink, or yellow, or it's pretty stiff, she's probably too young yet. On my best laying hens, their vents are kind of like a light pink marshmallow looking organ. (I know... weird description, but there you go!
They can vary between 5-8 months old before they start laying. Do you know exactly how old she is? I bet she'll start in the next month or so... it's frustrating when you are excited and want them to start but I'm sure she'll start soon. She'a a cutie, I had a dog named Daisy when I was a kid


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