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So, I have decided to go into business. I have been wanting to but it was a matter of deciding the "doing what?" Well, I came across some products that caught my attention and I did some researching, ordered some and gave it out to friends to try and I am hooked!

Diabetic Safe, Kid Safe, Low Glycemic, Organic, 100% All natural Sweetener

Diabetic Safe, Low Glycemic, Organic, Delicious Coffees & Tea

And a Diabetic Safe, Low Glycemic, Organic, Delicious Coffee that literally burns away fat! Or a great Tea to burn away fat.

A dear friend drank 3 cups per day, did not change her eating habits and lost 12 lbs in a week. relatives have lost 11 lbs and 12 lbs. I know one person who lost 18 lbs in 9 days!

So, I have become a distributor for the products. I can supply the products and assist others in becoming a distributor.

So, drink coffee, burn fat, and/or become a distributor and get paid to drink coffee

So, my website is in my sigature. If you like coffee Try the Private Estate blends....if you also want to burn away some fat Try the BSkinny Coffee and sweetener...if you want a safer, lower glycemic sweetner for your kids kool-aid Try the BSweet sweetener....

Take a peek...


or my Boresha site at

Email me from my website or directly if you have any questions... [email protected]
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Yes they do... in a tea form

They are also coming out with a creamer and a L-Arginine product...we should have those soon

Click this link and look at the NuvoGene Tea just below my picture....apparently it is better at fat burning than the coffee

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IowaRooMom...it is not specifically designed as a fat burner however, all of these coffees have a patented caffeine...it is buffered. It should not upset your tummy at all.

I just order an assortment pack of the tasters...I can send a sample of the BSkinny on Friday for you to try if you would like to try a cup or two.
It did not bother my mother's tummy at all and she has the same problem with caffeine. She cannot drink sodas or anything like that. So, just let me know and I will send you a sample to try.
Thanks Terrie...I am stoked about the products and the coffee is delicious. I drink coffee daily so taste was ubber important to me.

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