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  1. Number 1and a half coilspring works well. You may to dye and wax it so to kill the odors from the trap. Warning it will catch pets too.
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    "I set a leg hold and the fox dug it out of the the dig under."

    I'm not sure how you had it set. If it was set where he was going under the fence, he would likely set it off going under. That would be an ideal spot to set a snare.

    Here are a few links to basic trap sets:

    Dirthole sets


    Snaring foxes
    http://snareshop.com/images/attachments/046_Snaring Guide - Fox.pdf

    Snaring coon
    http://snareshop.com/images/attachments/045_Snaring Guide - Coon.pdf

    The pdfs on fox and coon will need rotated. There are many other types of sets. You can do blind sets with footholds that are basically flat sets, but without lure or bait and that are set in the trail. With flat sets you will probably want to blend the set so it doesn't stick out. With a dirt hole, sometimes leaving a bit of dirt scattered out from the hole and the bed of the trap is an attractant.

    The traps must be bedded solid before you sift the cover dirt on them. If the animal steps on the the jaws of the trap and it moves or tips, their curiosity will be piqued and they will dig the trap out. Canines tend to set the trap off when they dig it. Coon often dig under the edge and completely lift the trap out. If you find a trap dug up and still set, it was likely a coon. It is definately best not to handle the traps with your bare hands. Clean cotton gloves are good.

    When new, traps come from the factory with an oil residue on them. They should be thoroughly cleaned and often boiled. To inhibit rust they can be waxed (dipped in melted wax), painted with rustoleum, or dipped in other types of coatings. A coon will strip all the coating off in a few minutes.

    I'm not an exceptional trapper, but then trapping is not difficult. There are several trapping sites and I would recommend anyone needing predator control visit them and peruse archives. There is a wealth of knowledge to shorten the learning curve.
  3. In south Oklahoma raccoons are our our worst 4 legged wild predator. (dogs are probably the worst) also coyotes,bobcats ,skunks, possums, we dont have so many foxes mostly greys. owls and hawks. some reds in towns along river bottoms. sometimes wild house cats kill chickens round here and a bunch of quail.

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