I hate it when I leave my facebook online!


10 Years
Sep 13, 2009
Near Ottawa Ontario Canada
I usually, am offline, even when I'm there cause people like to chat about nothing....

But this am, I clicked it on, my sisters and I message it other before kids and hubbies are up..

It usually goes like this... Ok I'm calling in two min. stand by your phone, so it doesn't wake anyone

Well didn't I forget to put me back offline... Now there's people talking too me!! Dam it!

Anyone keep themselves off line to avoid talking to people?
I'm always offline on FB. The main reason is that unlike Yahoo Messenger and other programs, there is apparently no way to choose who you appear online to. So I get five or six people at a time wanting to chat, and I just don't multi-task that well. So I just stay offline. If I wanna talk to someone I send them a message and we go back and forth that way.
You can create "groups" in FB chat and then only show yourself online to certain groups. I have one that includes only my SO and I leave myself online in that group only.

I appear offline to everyone else.

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