I hate my roo!


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Mar 13, 2010
Lancaster PA
Curly, my BA, attacked me once again today. As some of you may have seen in another post, this is the 6th time in about 2 weeks! He's gotten both my young boys, who are petrified of him. Thank goodness I had jeans on today. All but one attack have been in the coop, when I turn my back on him. Today, as happened another day too, when I led him and the two hens into the coop with scratch (their fave treat) he got me as he came in the door and I was turning away to walk towards the front of the coop. I wacked him with the stick, and he stopped.

I know he needs to go. But honestly, neither me or my husband know how to humanely cull a rooster. I am afraid of him. My kids won't go outside if they're out free ranging. My only regret is that he is good with the girls, and really watches out for them. My friend, who gave the three to me, said to do whatever is necessary. I don't want to pass on a problem to someone else, but should I try to rehome him first? I don't want to try and catch him and hold him to get him to submit. I just want him gone. What do I do?
Maybe ask around...someone might want him...

We had a bantam rooster who was a little ^%$&%#.. anyways, we gave him to a guy my neighbor knew out on the east end of the island.... we talked to the guy a couple months ago and he said that the roosters personality still hasn't changed.... but he has 50 or so chickens so he just fits in the mix....

Our feed store took a couple other roosters for us as well.

I remember I was in a really bad mood when one of them tried to flog me and I flipped out, LOL. I turned around and was like "COME ON!! YOU WANNA GO!!"
(or something like that) and he ran away lol
Your roo problem brings back memories of my dear Maxwell. He was a Silver Seabright Bantam and master of his world. Grandson John came running to the house with Max in hot pursuit. My sweet Father (who would have wringed the rooster's neck in days past) told me I had a mean little rooster. Max spurred my daughter as she was feeding the chickers.

When two young roos cornered Max in the barn and beat the heck out of him, he made his way to my back door to look for help. I took care of the spurs on those young men and Max was, with a night in the house and tlc, once again king of the kingdom.

Max never attacked DH or me. The neighbors dogs took care of Max and friends and the guineas while we were away.

A concern is that your sons are afraid of the rooster. The boys should have a good feeling about chickens and they don't. Perhaps this roo has to go in favor of a more gentle breed. You will make the right decision.

Good wishes,
Hi there. I had the same problem with Chuck. He seemed to have something against me! Anyway, I took a long stick about 1 inch around and about 4 feet long. DON'T EVER HIT A CHICKEN but I DID use it to push him away. It doesn't hurt them. When he would try to get close, I'd take that stick and with it just barely off the ground, I'd lift up right in front of him. He'd jump up about 6 inches in the air and take off. It worked! After a while, all I had to do is "stomp" my stick on the ground in front of him, and he'd back off. Mine you, he always came back to try again but I always kept that stick handy while working in and around the yard where the coop is.

Be aware that Roosters are SMART! Chuck used to come around behind me and try to get at me that way. So never turn your back.
Go to the "Maine" discussion thread and see if anyone knows who does chicken processing. Life is too short for mean roos. There are always young roos who could be great roos if given the chance.
It's really not worth having a roo that has you constantly haveing to watch your back.

Off with his head!

(not to mention, there are plenty of nice roosters who need a home)
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I didn't just poke or push my horrid roo with the stick I carried. I WALLOPED HIM! Many times. He was so nasty I gave up being nice. It never mattered he'd shake it off and come right back after me. He went into the crock pot.
i had a bantam roo that jumped my 2 yr old for entering the pen. i was pi**ed but kept my cool and got my son and went inside. the roo left a nice scratch on his arm. nasty germs all in the scratch. the same week i was in the backyard with the chickens going free range at the time. suddenly he popped me from behind. well didnt keep my cool that time. long story short (metal pole vs. chicken head) guess what won. anyway having chickens is cool and fun but when they attack you or especially your child, you gotta be a good parent and exterminate the chicken. dont pass it off to someone else and give them a headache. best to just snap its neck. do this by holding the chicken around the body with your less dominant arm. then with your dominant arm grab the chicken by the neck just under the head and give it a hard pull. this should take care of your problem. then fry him up, or bury him, whatever suites you. now thats over with go shopping for a nice docile roo.

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