I have 8 golden buffs comming coop measurements

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    Jul 15, 2013
    I have 8 chickens coming. I know the bigger the better size coop. I measured my coop in inches. It's a total of 7625.5 square inches big. So do I devide that by 576. That's 4 square feet per chicken. That comes out to 13.238715 square feet if my math is correct. Which is big enough for 8 chickens. If not please correct my math for the proper size of a correct coop size or less chickens. I don't want to over crowd them and have problems
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    Much easier for people to decipher by posting length and width. To many variables on what the length and width could be with posting the inches.

    If your coop is only 13 square feet than you may have issues with having 8 chickens in there once they are grown. My brooder for example is 3 feet by 5 feet making a total square footage of 15 square feet. <--- easier way to understand what the coop may look like if posted like the example.
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    Using my conversion software 7625.5 square inches equals about 53 sqft divided by 8 chickens equals about 6.5sqft per bird.

    But yeah, giving the width and length in feet or inches would help confirm your calculations.

    Which is pretty good for 8 chickens....but I wouldn't go with more birds, especially if you live in a climate where they may be confined to the coop for days on end in the winter.
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    I think the OP is confusing terms.

    A square foot is 144 square inches, and hes dividing by 576, which is 4 square feet - I think the "13 square feet" hes talking is really something like "13 bird-square-foot-units".

    To the OP - 8 birds should be fine unless you get some really nasty ones. More might be fine, but it's all going to depend on the individual personalities and what other access they have.

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