I have a confession......


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May 11, 2010
I'm not from around here. And I have the photos to prove it!

My true home-world has several suns and I'm fascinated on how they rotate in the sky when the suns rise:




My home is rather hot but our species has developed ways to cope. We have an exoskeleton and are cold blooded so we prefer the tropical areas of Earth.

Here is a picture of my brother Flector-he's not wearing his human skin and is eating a snack:


Yeah, I know, he's ugly, but the girls on our world think he is a hunk.

I was sent here as part of my school's exchange program. No, we can't help you with your world problems as our world has the same problems. I'm planning to write my paper on poultry so this site has been informative. I really want to take my chickens home with me but they would require expensive housing to keep them from combusting in our heat. If I can convince my elders how informative and educational chickens are I can hopefully create a chicken coop on our world so our very young can experience chicken tv.

I really have enjoyed my visit here and my kind have been visiting Earth for a very long time. We come not to take over the world but to simply enjoy the ambiance of Earth. We take in the sights, relax, then go back home to our boring jobs. Soon, I'll be going home to write my paper, graduate, get a job, and raise a family.

If you can guess which planet I'm from you will win a free trip to my world. Can't guarentee the trip back, though. And I suggest you bring a lot of sunscreen.

This is theoldchick signing out. I'm going home. I miss my suns.

lovely home! It is clear why you miss it!

Can you make sure the Caution Dangerous Inhabitants sign to warn people from coming here without appropriate training is still functioning around Mars?? On your way by? Thanks!

There has been a huge increase in sightings here lately. I am suspicious of looky loos scouting out to watch the train wreck happening here.
Rubber neckers!?! What are you gonna do?
Um, what? I seem to remember eating some dried fungus once and I am sure I saw all your suns. Maybe I should have soaked them first?
If you come to my world don't eat these:


And stay away from the trees-they are carnivorous:



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