I have a HUGE egg, double yolker? Should I try and hatch it? UPDATE


Mar 16, 2009
South Central PA
I have a humongous egg that I think is a double yolker. I candled it, but its brown, I can't quite tell. Its so big that it won't fit in an egg carton! Should I put it in the bator and try to hatch it, or is that just cruel?
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I have a hen that lays them too. I wonder if you'd end up with identical twins or if they'd look different...might be worth a try let me know what happens.
I get big double yolkers from a Buff orp hen of mine and I've wondered this myself and then I was told that some one tried it, and got twins..but they were so small niether survived! Good luck, I would love to hear a success story!
there is a video of one of the users here hatching a double yolker, both lived. ill find the link
Its up to you...
Just let us know if you do try it.. i'll follow along..

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