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    May 9, 2011
    One of my light brahmas had her neck feathers pecked completely out less than a week ago. To ensure her safety and recovery, we isolated her in her own little crate. She is a very large girl, very vocal and rambunctious, so it surprised me she was pecked so badly (well, it wasn't terrible, just a little blood, she is healing nicely). At the same time, we had a VERY timid ancona with a little blood splat on her wing, so we separated her as well. After a day or two of drying up and healing, I placed the two together, because they brahma seemed to really need someone around, and the ancona seemed like she would die from separation because no one would shadow her...

    well, we went ahead and returned the ancona with the other girls... she perked right up and after a few minutes seemed less skiddish and more happy chickenish. We tried to put the brahma back as well. She was coated with blue kote and was totally dry, no blood, no puss, but no feathers. Unfortunately, a california white promptly went straight for her neck and had a good hold on her. WHY? So, back into confinement she went. Poor girl. She was very upset with us-- all she wanted was to be with her friends!

    After rearranging her new little abode, I simply placed some orange caution fencing overtop (I have extra, keeps them in). Afterward, went to prepare for bed. I went to check on her one more time, to find her out of her brooder!!!! I screamed up to my husband-- we had to look through our garage now to find her-- she had escaped!!!!! Great (NOT!)! As soon as I turned back to the brooders, I noticed the brahma, laying on top of the main brooder, watching over her friends, content. As much as it pained me, I had to put her back into her isolation chamber (with weights on the edges so escaping is not as easily attainable). Soon, chickie, soon. In my opinion, this was an act of love, from a chicken, my new favorite chicken. Cheers!
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    i hate seperating chickens!!

    Good story, by the way [​IMG]

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