I have a problem...

I've been there. You can sell them as pets I suppose? Or just give them to someone else to dispatch?
You mentioned in another thread that you had chicks about 3 months old - are these the ones that you are talking about? If so, you should find the number of layers increases as they come into maturity.
I was about to say the same thing...at 3 months old, they should not be laying at all. Expect eggs, depending on the breed, averaging 20-25 weeks but some can start sooner or later than that. Extreme heat (ie temps above 80 consistently) can put them off laying, molting will put them off as will extreme cold. You really need to figure out 1. Are the at laying age. 2) environmental effects on laying and 3) is it a temporary layoff

Chickens take breaks from laying which is good for them, they are not machines and their bodies need the break.

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