I have a sick chick


7 Years
Jan 6, 2013
We purchased some chicks at the local feed store last week, they're now 2 weeks old and they've all been doing great until yesterday. We have one little Road Island Red who is acting as though she is too weak to stand. The other chicks just bump into her and she falls over. We separated her from the rest, put her in a box in the house with her own light, food & water so we can watch her. If my son holds her up to the water she will drink & she'll eat if he puts her feed in front of her. She hasn't moved more than 5 inches all day on her own though. We've had hens for over a year, but these are our first chicks. Any suggestions?
She has made it 24 hours so far and her condition hasn't gotten worse so I'm hoping that's a positive sign.
Did you check her butt? Sometimes chicks get pasty butt and can't poop because it is clogged. You would need to remove the blockage. Other than that, it could be anything. If you have any poultry vitamin or mineral supplement to put in the water for a day or two it might help. Feed stores or Tractor Supply sometimes carry "Save a Chick" supplement just for weak chicks. Another thing when raising chicks, make sure you provide them with a little bit of "Chick Grit". Has to be Chick size. If you have them on shavings they may need some grit. Sometimes chicks eat the shavings and clog themselves up. Grit helps their digestion. If you have them on hay, remove it! I have had such bad experiences with raising chicks on hay. They end up eating it as they grow older and I always lost one or two to impacted crops because of it. Other than what I mentioned, it may be a disease. In which case, it's a good thing you separated the chick.
They are on shavings. Thank you, I'll get some chick grit tomorrow and check on the "save a chick". Thanks again!

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