I have a sick or injured chicken, not sure...can anyone help!

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    Mar 1, 2009
    Hi all, one of my little banty’s is acting sick/ injured and I’m not sure why. She seemed fine yesterday morning and by yesterday evening when we got home she was laying in her box on her side. There was also an egg in the box, though I’m not sure if she was the one that laid it. She wouldn’t keep her eyes open, comb and waddle was pale and had her beak slightly opened kinda of gasping and also a little shaky with her head. We brought her in the house and wrapped her in a warm towel thinking she was just cold. She continued to act like this several hours. Also during this time she would not eat or drink but we did get some water down her with a dropper.
    After about 3 hours she started eating a little but still not drinking. She is the same today. She will eat if we hold food up to her but she will not drink water, we still have to give it with a dropper. She can not stand on her legs, but she does not appear to be injured as far as her body and legs look fine and there are no sores or wounds on her. Her color is also back and she’s been staying awake more. She keeps her legs out in front of her and will slightly move them and try to stand, but she just can’t, she falls right back on her side. She also hasn’t pooped since yesterday.
    I’m just not sure what has happened. I don’t see how she could have been hurt as she was in her coop yesterday. Nothing can get to the chickens to hurt them. She’s with 3 other hens and a rooster, but they’ve never fought or done anything to hurt each other.
    We don’t know how old she is. She was given to us 2 years ago and she was laying when we got her so I know she is probably at least 3 years old. I wondering if she could just be dying of old age, injured her self some how in her coop or something else. She actually belongs to my 12 year old son and he is just devastated to see one of his chickens sick/hurt…we all are and I’m afraid she’s suffering.
    Can anyone tell me what might possibly be wrong with her? And I’m very concerned with her not wanting to drink on her own or poop. Is there anything I can do? Also, when we move her to help her eat she kind of makes a really soft squeak,especially in we touch in her belly area. I’m wondering if she is in pain and if there is anything we can do for that?

    Thanks for any info anyone can give me!

    ETA: She finally pooped...and it was a LOT...it was green diarrhea like, very stinky and shot out everywhere. Then she went a little more and it was thicker and kinda white-ish...more like chicken poop. Shes ate a little more cooked corn, apple and scratch. But she's still not drinking unless we give it to her with a dropper. She still can't get up either.
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    Hi there,
    You should switch over from scratch and corn to cooked egg and cooked oatmeal. Plain yogurt is another good choice. Scratch is hard to digest. Once she is eating, give her moistened layer pellets mixed with cooked egg.

    Keep her hydrated. If you have Pedialyte, mix it 50/50 with water and place drops of water on her beak to make sure she drinks. Don't let her aspirate water into her lungs: if you use a syringe or dropper to give her flluids make sure you get it well beyond the air hole under her tongue. If you don't have access to Pedialyte you can use a Gatorade/water mix until you get some. You should also give her vitamins: Avia Charge 2000 is best, but liquid baby vitamins like PolyViSol will work: three drops on her beak per day for a few days, tapering off.

    Good luck with your girl and I hope she recovers.
    Is her crop full, hard, or is her breath sour? She could have an impacted or sour crop. She could have eaten something bad and gotten botulism or fungal poisoning.

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