I have been pranked by the master pranker... You won't belive this!


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Jun 24, 2012
Ok, I have been pranked but good. I'll admit it. I probably even deserved it.

First a little back story;
I have had a rough year with a heart attack in January, my wife has been in very bad health, then a tornado in the spring hit our farm and killed alot of our chicks and we lost lots of old growth trees, fences, coops, brooders and such also. My health reached the point that I had to close down part of our business and I'm only working part time.

I have so many wonderful friends here on BYC and several have gifted me with items ranging from my platinum membership to hatching eggs and a couple of other amazing gifts that remain unsaid (But sooo appreciated! You know who you are.
). Dozens more have just been there for me when I needed to talk or vent, helped me through a very trying time in my life.
Due to this, after the tornados hit Alabama, I decided to pay it forward and have had my incubator running at full capacity as I am giving away over 300 chicks so far to our members there who lost thier stock along with a few started birds and a few breeders I no longer need in my breeding program.

All this is leading up to the best prank I have EVER had anyone pull on me! Ever! And before anyone gets mad or thinks it was mean, I have a very warped sense of humor and I thought it was sweet that someone would go to the incredible amount of trouble to pull this off!

This is the incubator last night when I went to bed, 96 eggs in the hatcher and only a few early ones had hatched...

Already hatched were some Royal Palm turkey poults from my buddy Sirbird;

And red shoulder Yokahamas from him also;

These are what I am mainly hatching, partridge Cochins;

and these spangled Russian Orloffs that are my passion. I have been expermenting with various crosses between all the different strains I've found of them

Now for the surprise! This morning, I get up early, yawn, get dressed, head to the kitchen for my first cup of coffee, and I glace at the incubator...

And for a moment I freeze!!!

OMG, all my expermenting has backfired! I've got to start my entire breeding program over! This last cross between strains DID NOT WORK!
Because right there against the door of the incubator is..

And then it hits me... There was also some "Jersey Giant and Cochin" eggs in there from our very evil Em the fish lady.

Now you tell me.... does this look like Jersey Giants?

Or these look like Cochins?

So to our Evil genius Em and those breeders with a sense of humor who helped her pull it off....
My hat is off to you

BTW, the eggs were all wrapped and shipped VERY well and I am so happy with the sellers who shipped the eggs for her. My kids fell intantly in love with them and now it looks like there will be FarmBoy Freaky Naked necks being raised on the farm. Jon has been talking about "HIS" Turkens all day! The worst part of it? Em and my wife Terra are friends! Terra was in on it from the very start and never batted an eye, never said a single word.

So... The unshakeable MFB has been pranked!

Thanks ya'll, I haven't laughed this hard since I got sick in January.

But you know what they say about paybacks ladies....
I love this! :lau


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May 3, 2009
New Jersey

You'll enjoy them. One of my nightly routines is to pet my turkens by running my fingers up and down the back of their necks. It's so soft.

Sourland reads this and chills run up and down his spine.

Go pet a vulture.
One of my finest posts if I must say so.

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