I have come to the conclusion that Speckled Sussex are "gifted" LOL

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11 Years
Dec 27, 2008
Well my reason for this is (of course) My Uno girl. She is the only girl I have that come to me when I call her name specifically when she is free ranging, I'll holler at her if she gets alittle farther away than I'd like, She pokes her little head up and I'll say "Uno get your little fuzzy but over here now, and she kinda starts off at a slow trot and by the time she get within 15 ft she starts a headlong gallop and as soon as she comes to stop at my feet she starts in "talking" to me like she is telling me all about her adventures in the empty lot next door! LOL she is so cute. Anyway I love that girl and her personality so much, I ordered 5 more SS gals and one of them is just like my Uno, with personality and all she is a people person! anyway, she is six weeks old and already comes to her name and wants to be held all the time, she is the only one that sits up there on the edge of the brooder box and judges the distants from my chair to her perch , Bobs a few times then come Fly/hopping over to sit in my lap talking the whole time. I was taking a nap today in the chair and when I woke I went to check on the chicks in the brooder and My Sweetie pie was missing! I looked everywhere , on bookshelves under furniture, the whole time Im calling her name and telling the dogs that if you touched that chick they were all going to the pound! (that was out of shear fear! LOL because my dogs ( and i have everything from Labs to teacup and toy poodles) that have never even looked like they wanted to hurt an animal I have brought in our house before. I think, they think if mom brings in the house its a new family member, anyway Im almost to the point of crying and I drop down in my computer chair and lay my head down on my arms and I here "PEEP" ! I look down at my feet and there she is just standing there looking at me with her head cocked to the side . I feel like the girl that couldn't find her glasses the whole time that they were on her head,LOL. She must have been following me around the whole time! I love all my girls, all different breeds, but IMHO The Speckled Sussex has to be the most "Gifted" breed in all of chickendom!! LOL

I just had to brag on my baby alittle! Anybody else have any girls with "special Qualities"!
great story!!
I have a turkey poult like that actually, she (i think she anyway) always tries to get on my head if I'm around the brooder box.
gonna have to break that before she gets too much bigger, although my mom thinks it would make a great picture. Me with my "turkey hat".. this little poult will wake up and chatter to me if it hears me also!
On the subject of SS, my girl Miss Fit, is quite unusual in my flock. She comes up to chatter at me but always seems to prefer being away from the group when the girls are browsing.
AWE.... That sounds so cute! with your little turkey baby sitting on your head I can see it with my minds eye.
You should have your mom take the picture and post it! I think it would be so cute! My Uno is the same way she would much rather be with me than her flock. She has alway been picked on or ignored and her only sister was her best friend until Dotti was taken by a raccoon. But even then she preferred other humans like herself to the chickens in the coop! LOL
I love a Speckled Sussex. All my SS gurls are very friendly and dont take no crap off any of my other breeds,lol. I have a Marraduna Basque Ive named Tink and she is always follows me and jumps on my back when Im feeding the other birds and wants me to give her a bite from each feed bowl. If my wife would let me bring her in the house I would in a heartbeat. I bet shed roost on my head,lol.
LOL sounds like your girls got you wrapped around her little toe! Funny how they can work us like that huh! LOL
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