I have ducklings!!!!! Are all of them Blue Swedish though? Pics!!!


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I went to TSC today, and while I managed to avoid coming home with more chicks (good thing they didn't have bantams there or I'd have come home with some of those too!), I did snag up 4 Blue Swedish ducklings. I've been wanting Blue Swedish for awhile now, and they were too cute to pass up! Lol! Now, the only other ducklings that I have had are my Mallards, and I don't know if it's normal for Swedish ducks to be a variety of colors. I bought 4 duckings, one black, two an odd brownish color, and one is yellow with some brown on it's head. I don't know if they can be sexed this early or not. What I do know is that they are sooooo sweet! I picked up one and instead of fighting me like my Mallards did as babies, it just nestled down in my hand, and closed it's eyes and let me rub it's little cheeks. They are such little dolls! I just love them! Can anyone tell me, do I really have 4 Swedish ducks here? Thanks everyone!

Here are the pictures:

All of them:

The little yellow one with brown on it's head:

The little black one:

One of the brownish ones, this one has more brown:

And the last little duckling that is brown:

Are all four of them really Blue Swedish? I love them all and am hoping I don't have 4 drakes here!!! Can they be sexed by color?
You might could try the duck section for bet results.......but if the color like chickens Blues with throw Blue, Black, or Splash. It looks to me like 2 Blue, 1 Black, and 1 Splash. But the very little experience that I have with ducks is that they can feather out differently than what their down looks.
As far as the sexing goes....vent sexing is going to be the only way (from what I have learned) unless you wait until they get older.
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They are precious!!!

I don't have ducks nor do I know enough about them to give you advice, but those babies make me want to get some soooo badly!
I don't know what the first one is, the 2nd is a black Swedish, the last two more than likely blue Swedish.

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