I have had 2 break the shell but then they die

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  1. I have had 2 chicks break the shell then they die an I doing something wrong? Humidity / temp is correct

    How long does it thake them to hatch?
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  2. naakte

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    were they shrink wrapped. you should break the egg open and investigate. use rubber gloves and have a clear dish to break the egg into and when finished, put the shell, embryo in a small plastic bag and tie it closed.
  3. What is shrink wraped? one broke through the shell we could see his little beak but he never hatched.
  4. Melissa Rose

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    It means the inner membrane is too dry and literally shrinks around the chick and it can't hatch. I lost several to this! Some say you shouldn't help but others say try. I am sorry for your loss [​IMG]
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    Sounds like low humidity is an issue, you might want to verify your hyrgrometer is reading properly.

    In my past experiences, if they break the shell and don't hatch after 24 hours, and the others have hatched, I go ahead and help, sometimes I just start the break and they pop the rest off on their own.

  6. Rosaleen

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    I just hatched chicks this past week and while I was at work a neighbor's little girl open up the incubator while the last three were pipping. When I got home one was dead and The other two hadn't started zipping yet. I waited about an hour and decided to try to free them. With a bowl of warm water and a pair of tweezers I started at the pip site and careful not to disturb the membrane I removed small pieces of shell keeping the exposed membrane moist. After removing the shell, I peeled off the membranes and gently put the chick back in the incubator. Both chicks survived and are flitting around the brooder with the others. I know some say you should never help a chick get out but I couldn't just watch them die.

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