I have lost 6 of my 7 chicks. Completely Devastated, Not Stupid!!!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by steffpeck, Jul 14, 2008.

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    Mar 25, 2007
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] I just lost the 6th of my 7 chicks that my broody hatched out. The first day we lost 4, then 1 two days later and just lost the last one 10 minutes ago. I have had no idea what was getting them or what was happening, but I was just looking out my kitchen window and saw my 1 year old sheltie with something black in her mouth in my backyard, I ran outside as she took off. I went and searched the coop and run and there was only 1 chick left. I went back into the backyard and found a few little feathers laying there. My dog has killed all but 1 of my babies, I am so devastated, not only have I lost my sweet baby chicks, but now I think I have to get rid of my dog. She is the best dog, so loveable and fun. My kids just love her. My poor DD is just bawling at the thought of getting rid of her. What do I do?? Once a chicken killer always a chicken killer?? or can they be retrained??? [​IMG]

    No, I did not leave the dog outside with the chicks. I am not that dumb!! The chicks were in the coop and run area with their momma hen. I do keep them seperate unless I am out there, and even then it is only my older hens & roo that I let out of the coop to free-range. Somehow, and I still have not figured out how, the chicks got out of the run (DH and I are going to redo the run, because there is obviously a breach somewhere) and while my dog was outside she got them. It wasn't until last night when I saw her with one in her mouth that I even knew it was her that was getting them. We lost 4 one day, 1 another day and then the last one last night. These are my babies, they mean the world to me, I am so completely devastated that they were killed and I would do anything to have them back. This is the 5th set of chicks I have had and have never had a problem. My chickens (which I have 54 of now)are in a coop and a large run, and I only let them out to freerange when I am out there.
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    U don;t have to get rid of your dog you just have to take precautions. Can you build a run for the dog or even the chickens. Does the dog bother the adult chickens? There are some training things that you can do i would search on her for some more info about it as there have been a lot of post on here about this kinda things. If the dog does not bother the older ones you can pen up your broody and her babies until they get big enough. Good luck
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    Why do you have to get rid of your dog? All you have to do is step up security. I have a dog that would kill every single one of my chickens in a heartbeat....... if i let him. I do not let him loose in my yard until the chickens are locked up for the night. I think you are just in a panic mode because you are upset about what happened. I'm sorry for your losses [​IMG]
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    I dont know why people are so quick to get rid of the dog for being a dog...train her and prevent her from getting them..dogs are dogs..
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    Yes, just take precautions with the dog.

    I currently have my GSD on coon duty chained outside my coop every evening to protect my girls. I lost several to a racoon prior to doing this.

    Anyway, the GSD looks at that coop like it is a buffet and I am sure he would just as soon eat them as his dog food.

    During the day, he goes back in his pen and the flock free ranges.
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    [​IMG] on not getting rid of the dog. Just make sure the dog can't get to the chickens. The dog is not evil, it is just doing what comes natural. Dogs are preditors, and chickens are prey.

    You just need to keep them apart.
  7. Emzyyy

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    My dog Winston a Boston Terrier gets along fine w/ our chickens. Prob because when he was a puppy we had ducklings and some chicks that used his as a roost. He used to play w/ our grown duck Cinnamon we had for almost 9 yrs until our neighbor's we're careless and left their hunting dog have free range over the neighborhood. I cried for a week straight the duck to me was like a little feathered dog w/ a big attitude. He didn't like my paying attention to anyone but him. He bit people in our yard and was smart. He walked home from across the neighborhood right into his cage, and he walked on a leash. He loved coming in the house, and after awhile got jealous of the dog and would chase him away from me.
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    Apr 25, 2008
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    I had a Redbone Coonhound that would not let anyone or anything but me near the coop, he didnt chase the chickens, he watched over 'em like crazy... I never lost a single chicken to predators while he was alive, and I aint never seen a hunting dog, the best one I've ever hunted, mind you, do that. He was a great dog. Then my neighbor ran him clean over. Now I aint easy to cryin, but I gotta tell ya I hung my head and bawled like a baby when that happened. So, what I'm tryin to say is, I'm sorry about yall's loss, I know it sucks. The run is a great idea, just make sure you sink wire into the ground a ways so she caint dig out. And a top of some sort so she caint jump out, my neighbors (yes, the same ones that ran over Waylon) bird dogs is real bad about that.
  9. Aww Steffpeck. So sorry for your chicks. [​IMG] I think baby chicks seem too much like squeak toys. Dogs are natural predators, don't just jump to getting rid of your beloved dog. I agree with everyone else, about training and keeping poochie away while the chicks are little.

    Do a search here, there are alot of ideas. Also if you can, get a dog trainer involved.

    Good luck.
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    May 11, 2008
    Quote:If he goes from a chain to a pen, it sounds like he has a sad life and the chickens, who get to free range, have a better one.

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