i have mice in my pen

Yeah, I have them too. They don't eat much and when a chicken does get a hold of one, they take care of it - except they spatter blood all over the place when they are all fighting over it. They visit my goats too and they don't eat much there either.
All part of the experience.
i raise bob white quail..and doves.....i can not allow cats in those pens, too temping for cats. they are locked in hen house at night & hopefully catch any mice...for quail & dove pens i set traps in small wire cages..cage wire is approx one inch openings..big enough for mice to get in..but not the birds. either set traps with peanut butter..or jelly. i know mice are generally everywhere, but usually if i set cage /traps near hole or feed supply i ususally catch within a day or two & continue until traps set empty for a week..good luck.
I use snap traps, but cover them with a milk crate to keep any unintended prey (like dogs, chickens and small children) out of them. The openings in the crate allow rodent access, but prevent unintended casualties.

Good luck.
I used those kind when I had mice in my coop. They really work. I don't have mice anymore!

Any mouse brave enough to walk into my coop deserves anything it can escape with. I've watched many a mouse swallowed whole and many others torn to bits.

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