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    ok....I have raised chickens for the better part of 8 years and I have NEVER seen what I saw this morning....we had a HUGE egg....now we have had huge eggs before that were double and triple yolkers......but I have never had an egg inside of another egg....the inner one was soft shell......[​IMG]


    [​IMG] Has anyone else ever had anything like this and is my chicken defective.....??
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    I have not had that but a few others on here have mentioned it.

    What happened since the inside egg was soft-shelled is that a second yolk got released too early and showed up in the shell gland before the first one was ready and laid. So the shell gland then started putting shell material around the whole mess. I’d guess that inner shell was pretty light colored. The outer one was probably lighter than normal too since the hen only produces so much pigment and it was spread thin on a bigger shell. The outer shell could have been a bit thin too for the same reason, not enough shell material.

    Is your hen defective? How regularly does she do strange things with her eggs? If she regularly releases extra yolks, you will often get double yolked eggs or she will lay two separate eggs in one day. The second is usually lighter in color and thin or soft shelled because she does not manufacture enough material for color or shells for two eggs a day. If this is a one-time occurrence and you are not getting a bunch of double yolked eggs or she is not laying two eggs in one day, don’t worry about it. It is just something that happened. If it is a regular occurrence then you could have a defective hen.

    I saw the Jazz Fest line-up yesterday. Looks impressive. I used to live in River Ridge and Jazz Fest was always one of my favorite events down there.
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    I have had one similar to that. The soft shell was on the outside with a hard shell inside. When we cracked it open there was not a yolk. It was weird.
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    OMG!, that poor hen! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Yikes! She's lucky it didn't get stuck in her! It's got to be like having 12 lb baby! OOW!
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    Wow, that makes me hurt just thinking about it. Poor thing!

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