I have no clue what is going on!


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Apr 19, 2009
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This past Wed. I got 25 chicks from Welp. Starting yesterday, a few died. I wake up this morning, 2 more are dead...I don't know what I am doing wrong but can anyone help me please. I am feeding them starter, water with vitamins/electrolytes...I am so discouraged at this point...
With no other symptom to go on except "sudden death" I would have no idea... you offer no further info on housing , bedding , feed, etc.

What you can do (because this many sudden deaths is cause for concern) is to report the matter to Whelp hatchery... they will ask you several questions and perhaps together you can figure it out... if not they may offer to replace the chicks or ask you to send the bodies in for necropsy?
Need more info - what temperature is the brooder? Do they have room to get away from the light/heat source if they are too hot? Did you dip their beaks in the vitamin water when you unboxed them, so they figured out what it was and knew to drink it?

Any unusual poos in the brooder? What is the behavior of the still-living ones? What are you using for bedding?
The temp is 90 degrees...it is big enough for them to get away from the heat...Straw bedding...feed, is chick starter...18% protein...they looked fine when I got them. Its just started yesterday that they were getting weaker...until death...I did put their beaks into the water as I put them in the brooder..As well as when I changed the water. There are a few weak ones still alive...the others are full of energy...running around...etc...
posibly your putting too much electrolytes in the water
I would stop that asap
I have had several people email me and it was the electrolytes

is the amt and color of the water orange?

since they died since first day on that is probably what has happened

any way stop putting anyof the electrolytes in the water
put 1 tbsp of applecider vinegar to 1/2 gallon of water
this will help their gut flora

also first temp os 98 to 95 degrees
for a week

also did you call the hatchery and ask them?
any questions email me
Agreed about electrolytes. Honestly, I never like vitamins/electrolytes in the water unless the birds are weak - preferably use good clean water r Glenda's *organic* apple cider vinegar mixture.

We kind of need more info tho- is the food medicated and if so, with amprolium or something else? What are their droppings like - very specifically? What's the source of the straw?

You'll want to take a good hour when you first put the food and water in and see who's eating and drinking a good amount and who's not. It's so important with chicks.

Also agreed with Glenda's temp recommendations. I do this and then make sure there's room for the chicks to get away from it. But there's always a spot in there that is at least that high, for me, for two weeks. I find that a lot of chicks still like to go bask under that light for a minute or two. And then they should have room to get away. I like to see my chicks sleeping close but not heaped about 6-8 inches away from directly beneath my heat source. Closer and they may smother one another, further and I back the heat off unless they have plenty of room (like at least 2 feet) to get away from the light and aren't staying at the far end away from the heat.

Personally, I'm not a fan of straw bedding. It holds too much mildew, hides dropping consistency, doesn't dry up droppings well, etc.

As for the babies that are weak, I'd remove them to a separate brooder where they won't get bullied or pushed around by the vigorous other babies. That way you can monitor their eating and drinking better.

I wish you luck with these babies and will be watching to see how it goes.
Food is medicated with amprolium..The weak ones are separated. I brought them into the house to keep an eye on them. Some are looking a little better...2 have died...Most of the chicks poo looks "normal" I had a few of them with clear poo..
Hmm were the clear droppings the ones that were ill or normal? Or the ones you lost?

Good that they're separated to see what's going on. Amprolium at least tells us whether or not they have a little insurance for cocci and is preferable to antibacterial medicated.

Let us know how they are tomorrow please?
I am still giving the Vit B complex and Vit e....a few more have died...
Also still adding the ACV into the water. Time will tell I guess as to how many will actually make it...I am just so discouraged...
Without more information from you, I'm afraid there's not much we can do from this end. Could you possibly go back and tell us more about the droppings, the exact medication in the food (is there amprolium or not), etc?

Are you able to take a dead chick to the vet for testing?

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