I have ordered from many Hatcheries I have found my favorite


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Apr 1, 2009
I have ordered from may hatcheries in the past and this year I deceided I would try a new one (Wasn't to pleased with last years). I ordered 100 Assorted Straight Run and received the 50 Bonus chicks from Mt. Healthy. They hatched in Ohio on Sunday and was at my Post office on Monday morning and all 150 was just as active as if I had hatched them myself. And on the assortments the other hatcheries have never labeled what breed they are so you play the guessing game but these were labeled for my convience. So from now own all my orders will be from Mt. Healthy. Just wanted to share a pleasant experience.
Congrats to you.
We bought some chicks from them last year in Feb. They all got here safe and sound..plus a few extras. The extras were all PULLETS:)
I agree with all the above. We got 50 chicks plus 25 free. They got here less than 24 hours after they were shipped. Amazing. There was one chick that was splay legged but they had sent an extra. The free chicks were marked. We got them first thing Monday morning and they are all doing great. Pics at the link below. My Healthy is tops in my book.

Anything from Ohio has got to be top notch:D. I am lucky enough to live 10 minutes from them. I have been there to the actual hatchery. Very clean & professional.
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