I have questions about button quail

Discussion in 'Quail' started by TGreenhut, Oct 2, 2011.

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    So today my dad came home with a few button quail. He says he was in an old mexican market and a man had a ton he was giving away. They aren't in the best condition-- the feathers are all knotted and some missing-- but they seem healthy otherwise. I don't know much about button quail so I have some questions:
    How do you tell if they are boys or girls?
    Do they lay eggs like chicken hens or do they need a male to lay eggs?
    How frequently do they lay eggs-- with or without a male?
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    Feb 14, 2011
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    Button quail lay quite a few eggs and don't need a male around to do so. The males and
    females have different patterns, the males have a call and they behave differently.
    Look up www.zebrafinch.com They breed button quail and have a nice site to explore
    color patterns, care and whatnot relating to button quail.
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    www.stellargamebirds.com it's "quailladyoffortmyers" website as well as shellyd who has a website of her own... (they will chime in soon when need be) listen to their advice as well as a few others who actually are very passionate about the birds they raise.. they know what their talking about.. now you dont need a male to have birds lay. a female will lay when shes either in season (if a season layer) or some will lay daily. buttons will lay daily just about like a chicken IF given additional lighting. the first thing you want to do with your new buttons is SEPARATE your males and females. THEm put them in pairs (male and female) one pair to each cage. these birds will fight if kept colonized. so pairs work best for that reason as well as the overall well being of the birds and the fertility rate as well(being at it's highest of course) overall i really enjoy my little buttons. i have a total of 12 and they are all kept in the house in pairs. all of my buttons were hatched not too long ago from stellargamebirds and from shellyD as well. very strong healthy little birds with great character and just funny little guys overall.. good luck and im sure others will give their 2 cents as well... [​IMG]
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    quailladyoffortmyers has a new site, it's www.stellar-gamebirds.com now. The zebrafinch site is outdated and not the best for correct information. You can find a lot of info on quaillady's site as well as in the sticky section of this (quail) forum.

    Since button quail are most often kept indoors (as they should be) they don't really have a laying season. Mine seem to lay more in the winter than they do in the summer.
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    I just came from Quaillady's new site!
    It looks great! Boy was I surprised to see it changed. lol!

    Lots of great info and some new Button Quail colors.

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