I have raised chicken in the past. I would like to do something different thios time

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    Apr 3, 2018
    where can i get a good incubator and fertile chicken eggs? I would like a somewhat goog layer and good fryer. info on free chicken coop plans for at least 5 chickens helpful.
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    There are many different incubators out there. You can even make your own.

    I love my Brinsea incubator. It is one of the more expensive brands.. but you do get what you pay for.

    As for eggs... for your first try at incubation it is best to use inexpensive eggs. You can see if anyone in your area is selling eggs from their backyard flock. Another option is if you have a Trader Joe store in your area... or any other grocery store that sells fertilized eggs.

    The store eggs will have a date stamp on them... they need to be pretty fresh to hatch.

    As far as coops go, there are MANY pages of coops on this site. Look at the top of the page and find the coop tab.

    Good luck!

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