I have rather unusual questions about my roosters...

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    Apr 24, 2009
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    Okay, I have 3 Bantam Buff Orpington boys that are 1 yr old. I got them last year as chicks from Ideal. Anyway, I've NEVER seen roosters that try to mate as much as these three do! The problem I have with them is that they all try to mount the same hen at the same time, and they end up hurting the girl in the process. Recently they split open the back of one pullet's head doing this. When I catch them, I stop them. I do NOT allow that behavior. But I've noticed a very surprising behavior that I just can't quite make sense of. One of the 3 boys, um, also prefers to be mounted. [​IMG] I have watched him crouch down and make these noises in order to get one of the other BO's to mount him. And his brothers happily oblige! It's weird to watch, and I don't know what to make of it. This same rooster that wants to be mounted, he will also chase down other roosters to mount them. Course the adult boys won't tolerate that, but the poor cockerels run screaming for their lives. I have all my chicks in the yard right now, even the standards, and he was chasing my FBCM cockerel Pierre. I scooped a dazed and frightened Pierre up and chased off the BO, but the moment I put Pierre down, he was back after him. I have been trying to get rid of these boys for quite awhile now. I don't have the stomach to process them, or it would have been done already. Does anyone know WHY they are ganging up on a single hen? Or why the one wants to be mounted by other roosters? Yes, positive it's a rooster and not a hen. Or why that one rooster also goes after other roosters? I've never seen anything like it before. I look forward to the day when they are gone as I know my chicken yard will be much quieter and much more peaceful. And I think it will give my poor traumatized hens a chance to heal. Other than these bizarre acts, they are really pretty good boys. They never flog or bite, and they let my kids just scoop them up and kiss them, and they are good about showing the girls where the food is and preparing the nests for them. But they seem to have A LOT of testosterone. I don't think I'll be getting any more BO roos in the future, Bantam OR Standard. Any ideas or explanations would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks.
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    Thats what Roosters do, its normal.

    Hens actually prefer no Roosters.
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    Your boy who crouches down is at the end of the pecking order and this behaviour appeases the more dominant males.

    I have two hens who are the boys' favourites and they have to wear saddles to keep their backs from permanent baldness and scratches. One of these two hens also runs into the house or shelters from the boys behind the dog on his bed. the 'favoured ones' do NOT like the attention largely, though one hen is happy with one of the boys but not the others.

    Chicken behaviour to each other often is pretty aggressive. If you have real bully boys, though, at times they have to be culled (I always try my very best to re-home, but not everybody wants huge birds that eat a lot and don't lay eggs!)

    I don't think there are gay roosters, but maybe someone knows different. This contrasts to sheep in which about 15% are gay. As this is understood by the industry, in Wales, where I live, if a ram is bought for breeding purposes he comes with a 'money back' guarantee (i.e if he spends all his time making eyes at your neighbour's ram [​IMG] and you have no lambs, you get your money back). So far as I am aware this is not true for roosters!

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    Time for those roos to go to freezer camp and then you can get a more gentlemanly roo.

    Older hens teach younger roos manners.
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    Quote:I agree.

    Is this hen the lowest on the pecking order? She may be the easiest target. You do know they can kill her, right? Get rid of those roosters ASAP! Do you have a friend that can process them for you? The killing part is hard, but after that, it's pretty simple.
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    Allowing roosters to gang breed hens like that is abusive and a major problem waiting to happen. Do something before one of your hens is seriously injured.
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    Oh my goodness! The boy-on-boy action is not what is troubling, it is the three boys on one hen that is the big problem!

    You say "I do NOT allow that behavior", but it kind of sounds like you do! I don't think they should be allowed access to the ladies, in fact I think they should have a fatal experience. I agree with the previous poster, just take care of this before they kill a lady!
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    I had three same age roos who used to gang rape... Got rid of two; the remaining roo became totally good to the hens and protector to the chicks.

    [​IMG] I know bottlenose dolphins have the same behavior patterns. Go figure...
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    Holy Cow. I've got to sit with my chickens more to make sure none of this stuff is going on in my coop! Girl, get thy extra roosters GONE!

    Freezercamp HA HA! [​IMG]
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    Quote:The same happens to me. When the cockerels come to "the"age, they become a nuisance. Mostly if they are more of one.

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