I have several Golden comets, question about breeding

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    Jan 3, 2014
    To anyone that can help with my curiosity,
    I have had many Golden Comets over the years and I absolutely love them. About a year ago I bought an incubator and I started to save the fertilized eggs from my Comets. The roosters in the Comet batch are white with a few black feathers on the tail and around the neck. They are not very friendly (which could be because there are only a few of them out of the 25 hens I have in the coop). When I bred the Golden comets and crossed them together I now have about 16 chicks in the teenager stage. I knew that I wasn't going to produce more comets, because they are a cross already... but are the chicks I have now going to be worth keeping? And when I sell them, what do I call them? I know now that I need to purchase White Plymouth Rocks and New Hampshires to make Golden Comets, but does anyone know if these chicks will be good layers? Or if I should keep them around? Thanks again!
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    [​IMG] Pullets raised from your Golden Comets should be good egg producers. If you sell them, they are really barnyard crosses.
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    The pullets you hatched will lay pretty much the same as their mothers, more or less. The roosters are usually fairly light, but can make decent enough table birds.

    I'd just advertise them as mixed breed production birds. You can tell folks their heritage, but emphasize they're no longer sex linked.

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