I have silkies, can I put eggs from another breed of chicken i with them and have them hatch them?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Shandina, Mar 14, 2018.

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    I have two silkie roos and 2 silkie hens, I want to get more chickens and maybe some different kinds. If I buy fertilized eggs of sillies or another kind of chicken do you think my silkie hens would hatch them and care for the chicks? I really want more chickens but they are actually hard to find in my area, but theirs lots of already hatched chicks and eggs I can buy. I do not want to hatch them myself and use a heat lamp and etc... it seems like a lot of work and I have small kids I'd have a hard time keeping away from them not to mention I don't like the idea of a heat lamp in my house.

    Second question if I just put young chicks in there would they take care of them and keep them warm? I've read that silkies are the best to accept other chicks but I wanted to hear from others their experience. and if it's a terrible idea or not. I don't want to kill a bunch of chicks.

    Whats the best time of year to do this if I did do it? it's too cold right now in my area but maybe come summer, they be ok?
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    Your hens have to be broody to hatch eggs or take care of chicks. If not they will kill them.
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