I have "Six University students"

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    Nov 7, 2007
    On Friday my neighbour brought me over six 21 week old hens..2 barred rock,2 RIR and 2 white with some black feathers?....In May their 10 month old dog chased some chickens of mine when they came over for a visit and I lost two...They felt really bad and they promised to replace the chickens...and now come over with him on a leash...
    We have a Agricultural University in our local city and I guess he use to work in the chicken part and still knows people there...So with his connections he e mailed me and told me I have six University students moving in...and that they'll need some guidance...
    Well they certainly do....They must have grown up in a cage because its very funny watching them look at things and try to figure what its all about...things my other chickens take for granted...ha ha ha !!! I placed bowls of feed down for them and water and they didnt once touch them....I had to spread some scratch around their cage ( I had it outside)so the other chickens would show them how to forage...
    Theyre heavy suckers...
    They dont know what a roost is...
    When they were put in their run I had to go in at dusk to show them how to go up the ramp to get inside...I just let them lay on the floor I didnt want to freak them out ...
    Now I have to go and watch and see if they ate any breakfast....oh VIE !! university students.!!!...
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    typical for them academics.. all theory and no practice..
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    OK, we need pics of these co-eds!
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    I didn't know too much when I got out of college either. But I learned...

    Have fun!
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    Nov 7, 2007
    Oh my goodness...I think I am going to make Macaroni and Cheese for them tomorrow....again I had to show them how to walk up the coop plank...which is not that high...I actually feel sorry for them ....they walk around with high steps like the ground is tickiling their feet...today they were watching the 11 week old chicks run and fly a little so they started doing it...I put a roost really close to the ground for them to try and perch on...I am going to go check on them now...one thing I did notice yesterday is their combs are really pale...today there a little more colour...could it be the stress I wonder?....they shouldnt worry .....I am going to pay for everything for them...there is no student loans for life to pay back here....I'll post photo's tomorrow...

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