I Haven't Killed Them Yet!!!!

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    Ok... So for those who don't know me (which, I mean come one, that's pretty much everyone...). This is my second go round with chickens. My first ended like a horrible remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This is also the first time incubating fertilized eggs.
    First off, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all you members who post helpful articles, and carry on meaningful forums... You have made my life so much easier. It is officially day seven of my incubation, and of the 22 eggs I recieved from Meyer Hatchery, 18 have veins or even little embryos visible at the point. YAY! [​IMG]

    Now I've got to curb my enthusiasm somewhat and tell myself that I am NOT allowed to look again for another couple of days. I mean, if I were in that egg growing and developing, I imagine I wouldn't appreciate a blinding light showing up every day on the hour whenever the giant decides to show up....

    Of course, now that my husband has deemed that I might actually have little chicks by the 26th, he has decided that he might need to get a move on for our new and improved coop... (this one both Chicken and dog proof![​IMG])
    I just had to share the exciting news.
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    You may find you get addicted to hatching...any time I incubate and see the chick development, I want to keep my incubators (yes, that is plural) going and just fill 'em up and hatch more!

    I finally broke that addictive cycle but I know it can resurface and take over my life again. I only candle eggs twice during their incubation: at day 12 and again at lockdown day 18, so I can remove the quitters.
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