I hear cheeping!!

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10 Years
Jun 4, 2009
This incubation experiment is the most exciting thing I have done in a long time. Yes, sadly I lead a boring life. Anyway, my eggs are on day 20 and I hear cheeping from a couple of them. I think I have identified one of them. The egg is really rocking around. I posted yesterday about the egg with the yolk on the end. I do not see any movement from that egg and fear the worst. 30 eggs of my original 41 were all showing signs of being fertile on day 14 so I am hoping for a decent first hatch. I'll post pictures when I see more progress, I am a photo junkie too! Hurray for digital cameras!
How exciting! It won't be much longer and you should be seeing pips, then chicks!

BTW, my life is far from boring (I am constantly running!) and I still find it very exciting when my chicks start to make their entrance.

Happy hatching!

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