I helped a duckling out of egg. Should I cover it with wet, warm paper towel?

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    Mar 15, 2011
    All the details are in a different thread (see link below). But bottom line and emergency question is this:

    After 48 hours of no progress after pipping, I helped out a duckling. She was shrink-wrapped I guess. There is still some shell and membrane on her bottom side. She's shaking like she's cold. She's back in the bator.

    I put a very warm wet paper towel on her. Is the a good thing to do, or should I let her focus on getting dry and warm?

    FYI, the shell on her backside seems firmly attached. I could not tell if it was from being shrink-wrapped or if the yolk sac was fully absorbed or what. I just could not tell and I didn't force anything. If wrapped, I thought the wet towel would help. But if she's freezing, is it bad?

    The temp is about 98. It was 99, I don't know why it went down. Probably from picking up the top.

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    You can keep taking a warm cloth and dabbing the stuck shell etc until you are sure the yolk is absorbed fully.

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