I hurt her leg

beach livin'

8 Years
Sep 21, 2011
i wasnt paying attention like i always do when i was pulling the chicken kennel across the yard. well i heard a loud "sqwak" so i turn around real quick and one of the girls is on the ground with her leg under the rod of the kennel frame. she jumps up and is yelliung at me so at the same time im running to get in to the kennel. she starts scratching around and then squats for me when i get close. i pick her up and see that some of the "scales" on her leg have been scraped off, but nothing is broken. it started to get a little blood, almost like when you scrape yourself hard enough to see blood underneith the skin, but it doesnt break the surface of the skin. she is running around and scratching around fine. how durable is that part of the body?
If nothing is broken, then she should be fine. You could put ointment on the area if you think it needs it, but chickens can be pretty durable little things. Depending on the breed and other factors, chickens can have pretty strong bones.

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