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    I have to share this. [​IMG]

    I was given a number of chickens including a rooster that showed up on my friend's property and made himself at home. After keeping the new roo in a pen inside my chicken run for a while, I decided the poor roo had had enough of his 2x3 cell and needed to be set free. He had spent quite a bit of time near my hens and two roosters and they sparred and kicked at each other through the fence. After a while, my chickens ignored him.

    Two days ago, I took the rooster out of his cage and let him loose outside the pen. I kept my chickens penned up. The rooster stayed very close to the pen, he was secure there. My guineas gave him a hard time and I chased them away. He fluffed his feathers up at me and I chased him all over the yard. He figured out I was in charge.

    Toward late afternoon, I let my chickens out of the pen. The rooster had calmed down and was relaxed. One of my roos went off with the girls and never paid the new rooster any attention. I stayed close by and watched what the other roo would do. Before long, the two of them got into it. They sparred and fought, I let it go on for a while and then stepped in. I threw sticks at both of them and chased them off. They went their own ways and things calmed down.

    At dusk I went back to close the pen and the new roo was on the roost below my chickens. Suprise, surprise.

    The next morning when I went to let them out, all was well in the world. Seems that all three roosters are getting along and no one is hurt. It's been that way for two days now. Yay!!!

    Evidently, I know how to integrate chickens. No guarantee it will work next time....

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    lol GJ.
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    With 57 chickens (according to your signature) and only 2 other roosters, there are plenty of hens to go around. Glad it worked out well.

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